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Grevillea Reviews

"Truly amicable was the Conservatorium recital last week in which the Grevillea Ensemble ... with guest violinist Fiona Ziegler, faithfully followed sometimes difficult music, technically and emotionally ... ardently arranged and performed."

(North Shore Times, March 2009)


"Recitals which guarantee more than mere average satisfaction included those of the Grevillea Ensemble...the soprano sounded smoothly polished, capable of emotional divergency, and the pianist is at the top of Australian keyboard experts."

(North Shore Times, October 2008)


"…the Grevilleans, thanks to that enterprising, musically intelligent and vocally admirable soprano Wendy Dixon, are one of the last bastions of the lieder, or art songs, repertoire in Sydney…"

(North Shore Times, March 2002)


"…The Sunday afternoon concerts by the Grevillea Ensemble are therefore an enticing reason for a post-prandial stroll from one of the Crows Nest eateries to the Performing Arts Centre. Especially for this concert, Water, in a season with an elemental theme…. Australia's preeminent accompanist, the superb David Miller is the collaborator."

(Sun-Herald, March 2002)


"…Wendy Dixon…most musical soprano…David Miller was, as ever, an ideal accompanist and was sublime in In Spring. The notes had an urgent fluency and spirituality that penetrated to the heart. This, too, was a fascinating program…"

(Sun-Herald, December 2000)


"…The soprano is certainly one of the finest freelance singers on the local scene these days, and her highly expressive, always thoughtful approach ... had the great advantage of David Miller's expert pianism."

(Ku-ring-gai Observer, May 1999)

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